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Dr. Frank DiTirro Ph.D., M.D. is the founder and creator of Dr. DZEC, the world’s only two-part immune defense and support system. As a professional healthcare provider and educator for over 35 years, Dr. Frank knows the importance of maintaining a strong immune system in order to stay healthy and safe. Having earned a doctorate in human anatomy/life sciences from (THE) Ohio State University, with a keen focus on scientific research methodology and a medical degree from The University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, with advanced training in internal medicine/pulmonary medicine, his career has been focused upon the benefits natural supplements provide for protection from common, viral infectious agents.

Amid the rise in concern over infectious diseases in 2020, Dr. Frank realized he needed to put his decades of experience to work while not just worrying about the health of front-line workers like his wife Charlotte, an airline flight attendant. Together, with a group of other board-certified epidemiologists, pharmacologists, and physicians, Dr. Frank researched the latest scientific literature to formulate Dr. DZEC, a supplement designed to be convenient, palatable, and most importantly—effective.


All the key ingredients to support and boost the immune system!

Dr. DZEC, aka Dr. Frank J. DiTirro, MD, has created a perfect product to support and boost the immune system with all the key ingredients, that is clean, healthy and tasty. I'm grateful to have this additional supplement on hand and for travel.

Janet L

I haven’t been sick in over a year.

I tried Dr. DZEC a year ago during Covid. I haven’t been sick in a year. As a matter of fact, I have felt great every day. I eat well and take care of myself so that helps but I’m sold on Dr. DZEC immune booster. Thanks Dr DiTirro!


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