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Meet the Doctor Behind DR. DZEC

Dr. Frank DiTirro Ph.D., M.D. is the founder and creator of Dr. DZEC, the world’s only two-part immune defense and support system. As a professional healthcare provider and educator for over 35 years, Dr. Frank knows the importance of maintaining a strong immune system in order to stay healthy and safe. Having earned a doctorate in human anatomy/life sciences from (THE) Ohio State University, with a keen focus on scientific research methodology and a medical degree from The University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, with advanced training in internal medicine/pulmonary medicine, his career has been focused upon the benefits natural supplements provide for protection from common, viral infectious agents.

Amid the rise in concern over infectious diseases in 2020, Dr. Frank realized he needed to put his decades of experience to work while not just worrying about the health of front-line workers like his wife Charlotte, an airline flight attendant. Together, with a group of other board-certified epidemiologists, pharmacologists, and physicians, Dr. Frank researched the latest scientific literature to formulate Dr. DZEC, a supplement designed to be convenient, palatable, and most importantly—effective.


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Dr. DZEC was originally formulated by Dr. Frank DiTirro Ph.D., M.D. as a labor of love while worrying about the safety and health of his wife Charlotte, a veteran airline flight attendant. As a published medical doctor of more than 35 years, Dr. Frank’s passion for providing protection, confidence, and peace of mind extends well beyond his household, in hopes that everyone can benefit from Dr. DZEC.

About Dr. Frank

Daily Defense Simplified

With all the immune defense supplements and remedies out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Dr. DZEC makes it easy with just four ingredients, taken once a day, in one delicious Daily Immune Support Gummy. For those times where you need a little extra immunity boost, our Immune Rescue Support Capsules are there to keep you feeling great.

Get Both & Save

Four scientifically proven ingredients To support your immune health

The strength of Dr. DZEC comes from its four all-natural immune-boosting ingredients, formulated by a team of board-certified physicians. While all four are powerful immune-boosting ingredients on their own, their true strength comes from the combined effect of all of them working together. The synergistic relationships between the ingredients boost their efficacy and promote an even healthier immune system.

  • Vitamin D

    Crucial for the
    optimization of your
    immune defenses

  • Zinc

    Boosts immune response to everyday viruses, such as the common cold

  • Elderberry

    Provides antioxidants and vitamins that further boost your immunity

  • Vitamin C

    Supports cellular functions of both baseline and reactive immune defenses

Immunity Boosting

Ingredients that help protect

Dr. DZEC, the world’s only two-part immunity protection formula—a simplified way to take control of your immune defenses. Our products are created with safe, natural, and proven ingredients you can believe in, backed by scientific research, and developed by board-certified physicians.

With our Daily Immune Support Gummy you’ll be protected all day with our formula that boasts the synergistic benefits of our four core ingredients: vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, and vitamin C. By combining these ingredients together in a way that brings out the best in one another, Dr. DZEC isn’t just a supplement, but a piece of optimized PPE.

In addition to everyday support, Dr. DZEC is there with a second line of defense with our Immune Rescue Support Capsules. Designed to be taken in cases where you feel you may be getting sick, this supplement acts as a virus-wrecking crew to help fight what’s in your system and get you feeling healthy sooner.

Vitamin D A virtual super-vitamin

Vitamin D Content

Zinc An essential nutrient necessary to staying healthy

It is found in cells throughout the body and helps our immune systems fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Zinc is also vital in the creation of proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Daily intake of zinc is essential since the body has no way to store it within itself.

Elderberry Used for their medicinal properties for centuries

Elderberry Content

Vitamin C An antioxidant powerhouse

Vitamin C Content

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Said Goodbye To Colds!

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Jen Adler

Feeling Healthy Again

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Ken Roberts

Frontline Defense

For the Frontline

Tackle life with confidence with our two-step immunity protection formula.


Dr. Dzec products are sourced from the highest quality ingredients, manufactured in an FDA approved, GMP certified lab right here in the USA. Your purchase is protected with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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